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Natural persons and entities (commercial or otherwise) can deduct donations – in cash or in kind – to non-profit organizations from their tax base within the limit of 10% of the declared income and in any case no more than 70,000 euros per year (in particular , deductibility is provided up to the lower of these two limits).
The deductibility of donations in cash is subject to the fact that these are made by bank, post office, debit, credit or prepaid cards, bank checks and bank drafts.
For the purposes of the deductibility of goods in kind, the latter are considered on the basis of their market value.
The beneficiary must regularly report the deed of donation in his accounting records.
The deduction in question cannot be combined with tax breaks relating to acts of donation in favor of other entities.
Businesses, for their part, can benefit from a deduction up to a maximum limit of 2,065.83 euros or 25% of the declared business income.
Individuals will be able to avail themselves, as an alternative to the deduction, of the deduction from the Irpef - ie from the income tax of natural persons which they should pay to the tax authorities - in the amount of 19%, to be calculated on the maximum sum of 2,065.83 euros.
Also in this case the donation must take place with the traceable methods seen for the hypothesis of the deduction.

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TAX CODE: 95124440652