Become a Volunteer

If you believe that solidarity is not just an abstract concept, if you are looking for a different and interesting way to spend your time without neglecting your primary needs, if you are 16 years old the Public Assistance Association Vo.PI Volunteers Pronto Intervento gives you ' an opportunity!

You will be able to become a rescue volunteer by operating on board the emergency health ambulances 118, you will be able to engage in sports assistance services, you will be offered the opportunity to become an ambulance driver or to engage in social services (transport of the sick and not by car).

In short, you will have many opportunities to help others and, in the meantime, spend your time in a different way.

You don't need to be supermen, just good will is enough.

We are waiting for you, to give you all the information every day from 17.00 to 20.00 at the operational headquarters in via Raffaele Sanzio, 25 in Pontecagnano (Sa), or call: 089 849797

Come to Vo.PI

We are waiting for you!
The President: Vincenzo Savarese